SMOOTH Project

SMOOTH assists micro enterprises in adopting and complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by designing and implementing easy-to-use and affordable tools. This will generate awareness on their GDPR obligations and analysing their level of compliance with the new data protection regulation.

GDPR Legislation

The GDPR, which entered into force on May 25th 2018, presents both technological and organisational challenges for micro enterprises.What are the legislation’s main changes? »

SMOOTH for Micro business

Micro Businesses will be provided with resources to adopt the GDPR in a smooth manner, while the interests of the EU citizens on data privacy and security are protected.Do you own a micro enterprise? Discover what SMOOTH can do for you »

SMOOTH Platform

SMOOTH project develops a cloud-based platform validating micro businesses compliance according to the legislation and informing them of the elements needed to be revised to avoid potential fines.How can I check the GDPR compliance of my business? »

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SMOOTH is the first tool being explicitly targeted to small businesses, the most vulnerable EU enterprises to fail GDPR adoption.

Through the registration, your small business can become a tester of the platform and verify if it is compliant with the GDPR.

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SMOOTH’ researchers have helped to discover vulnerabilities in Radar Covid application

Recently, the “Radar Covid” app developed by the Spanish government to monitor the spread of the virus in the country had problems relating to the security of users’ data, allowing third parties to trace those who downloaded the app and contracted the COVID-19 virus. SMOOTH’ researchers have helped to discover these vulnerabilities in Radar Covid…

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In our previous articles, we covered how a GDPR-aimed security will reinforce the brand’s reputation, giving your business the possibility to demonstrate reliability to your customers when it comes to their data. In fact, many sectors can benefit from integrating in their business models the opportunity provided by GDPR compliance. For example, let’s see some tips…

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SMOOTH Data Entrepreneurs Series – GDPR is the European Standard of Privacy

Our series dedicated to entrepreneurs who have been successfully supported by the SMOOTH pilots continues with an interview with Sabina Guaylupo, a trained lawyer, legal consultant and co-founder of MyDataMood, a European data platform that allows citizens to take control of their data and to share them with companies, making the relationship between companies and…

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