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SMOOTH is an EU-funded project that will help small companies to deal with the new data protection rules. We understand that a small business does not often have various departments and the business owner is usually the one managing everything. Dealing with the GDPR and the potential consequences of non-compliance can seem daunting!

SMOOTH is the first tool being explicitly targeted to small businesses, the most vulnerable EU enterprises to fail GDPR adoption.

Through the registration, your small business can become a  tester of the platform and verify if it is compliant with the GDPR. It will take you only a few minutes, it’s really manageable and will not require any legal or data protection knowledge. Moreover, you will become part of the SMOOTH community set at Fundingbox platform.

Our team will provide you with periodic updates on the project and request your feedback and inputs.

You can join the

SMOOTH Market Pilot

  • It will give your business the chance to cut costs of storing data, legacy applications and inventory software both in silos and inconsistent formats.
  • Your business will be released from data maintenance expenses, whose funding can be redirected to innovation resources and infrastructures management.
  • A GDPR’s aligned security will reinforce your brand’s reputation, by showing to your customers a reliable data governance system.
  • Benefit from these perks for only a few minutes of your time.

Sign up for the pilot here (instructions here)

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