SMOOTH is developing a cloud-based platform to become the reference solution in Europe to help micro enterprises validate their compliance with the GDPR.

SMOOTH platform will be built upon several existing techniques, combining advanced technology in the area of machine learningtext miningdata mining and web and mobile apps, to automatize micro companies GDPR compliance analysis.

Compared to existing solutions, SMOOTH platform will be the first tool being targeted specifically to micro enterprises, which are exposed to involuntary breaches due to their like of resources (time knowledge and people).


Easy-to-use by users with no knowledge in data protection.


Validated by two European Data Regulation Authorities.

Broad coverage

Transversal solution for all MSMEs, regardless of their sector.


Inexpensive service to avoid economic barriers.

How to get your SMOOTH Compliance Report

The SMOOTH platform will allow companies to receive a GDPR compliance report in a simple, constructive and reliable format. The report will be based on an automatic analysis of the privacy protection documents, stored data and the processing of personal data on the website or mobile apps.