SMOOTH consortium is comprised of twelve partners from six European countries (Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia and France), gathering GDPR experts, representatives of European micro SMEs, large enterprises, innovation and research institutions, an SME and a standardization body.



Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre of Catalonia. It provides the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise, offers solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment. Eurecat takes care of the project’s coordination and will contribute to the development of the expert system that automatically evaluates the relevance of the extracted content regarding the GDPR compliance in the SMOOTEXT and SMOODATA modules.


Agencia Española de Protección de Datos

The Spanish Agency of data protection (AEPD) is the state independent control authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules on data protection. It guarantees and guardians the fundamental right to protection of personal data of citizens. The AEDP provides guidelines to grant lawfulness to the project and spreads information on SMOOTH to the European Data Protection Committee and other Data Protection Authorities.

ku leuven

Katholieke Universitet Leuven

The Katholieke Universitet Leuven is Belgium’s largest university counting with a staff of over 40 researchers specialized in data privacy and information security law (CiTiP). The Katholieke Universitet Leuven is responsible for the legal aspects of the project, guiding the consortium with clear indications of the impact of the existing legal provisions.

naver labs

Naver Labs Europe

Naver Labs Europe is an ambient intelligence company that develops future technologies including autonomous driving, robotics and artificial intelligence. Their Natural Language Processing Group designs and implements multi-lingual algorithms and software to evaluate documents representing legal agreements or commitments.

nec labs

NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

NEC produces tailored solutions for the core technologies and services required in a networked world. Recognized for their research on the design and implementation of algorithms and methodologies that allow a better understanding of the web and its relation with Internet users, NEC leads the development of a module to analyse the personal data stored by micro SMEs for compliance with GDPR.

universidad carlos iii

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is a public and innovative university with 1,900 staff members and 17,300 students. Their Department of Telematics Engineering, with proven expertise in advanced technologies in the fields of telematics, acts as SMOOTH’s Technical Coordinator and is in charge of developing auditing tools to analyse the use of data in micro SMEs’ websites and mobile apps.

IMDEA Networks Institute

The Institute of Advanced Studies on Networks is a non-profit public Research Institute with the objective of performing world-class research, carrying out technology transfer and attract talented researchers to the region of Madrid. The Internet Analytics group participates in the project providing a testing platform to audit micro SMEs’ mobile apps.


Asociación Española de Normalización

The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, is a non-profit-making, private, independent and multisector organization that helps improve the quality and competitiveness of companies. Representing the European CEN/CENELEC and the international ISO/IEC for the development of technical standards, UNE advises, manages and develops all activities related to standardization.

Funding Box

FundingBox is a community where entrepreneurs can meet, interact and collaborate to win equity free funding. FundingBox provides “scale ups” (startups and tech SMEs) with simple and personalised access to both public funding and interactive tech communities. Awarding bodies use FundingBox to distribute their funding and build communities that can grow and become integral parts of their ecosystems.


European Small Bussiness Alliance

The European Small Business Alliance is a non-party political European group representing small business entrepreneurs and the self-employed. For almost a decade, ESBA has built a strong network of connections within European Institutions and SMEs. In SMOOTH project ESBA guarantees that the micro SMEs necessities are assessed and leads the project’s communication and dissemination.

Data State Inspectorate

Data State Inspectorate

State Inspectorate is a Latvian state administration institution ensuring the supervision of compliance regarding personal data protection, the accreditation of trusted certifications by service providers and the response to complaints regarding to data privacy violations. The institution offers consultancy services on GDPR aspects throughout the project and will be responsible for exploiting SMOOTH platform in a free-service model.


LSTech España

LSTech España is a UK-based start-up that builds innovative data applications by leveraging solid competences in Data Science and Software Engineering. The company contributes to the architectural, technical and exploitation activities of the project, being in charge of the platform’s business strategy