The main beneficiaries of the SMOOTH tools are micros enterprises, businesses with up to 10 employees, accounting for the 93% of the European enterprises in the non-financial sector. Micro companies constitute one of the principal contributors to the European economy and societal wellbeing, being responsible for 30% of the overall employment in Europe.

In order to cover the diversity of the Businesses in Europe, SMOOTH targets three different types of end-users:

  • Traditional Micro Businesses

    Traditional business such as retail shops, restaurants or family businesses.

  • Digital Micro Businesses

    Small technological start-ups and entrepreneurs that offer online services or interact with their customers using websites or mobile apps.

  • Micro businesses managing sensible data

    Small businesses such as health clinics, pharmacies, psychologists or pharmacies dealing with personal data revealing health conditions, sex life or sexual orientation.

SMOOTH benefits for micro enterprises

In the context of personal data treatment, micro enterprises are widely unaware of their responsibilities, obligations and the existing regulation, posing a higher risk of potential privacy and data protection violations.

Helping Micro-enterprises to be compliant will not only help avoiding the negative socio-economic consequences of a breach but will also safeguard the privacy and security of European citizens.

SMOOTH Project will guide micro enterprises to learn more about their GDPR obligations as well as analyse their level of compliance.

GDPR regulation awareness

SMOOTH aims to raise awareness to more than 1 million Micros companies on their data protection obligation when managing and storing personal data.

GDPR mandates affecting micro companies

SMOOTH will inform micro businesses on which elements of the GDPR apply to them and which don’t.

Affordable and simple solutions

Micros companies will have access to inexpensive and easy-to-use solutions for GDPR compliance, through consultancy support and information and advices

An appropriate and effective implementation of the GDPR will contribute to strengthening micro enterprises competitiveness and economic growthSMOOTH platform, the online handbook (SMOOK) and the kit of resources (SMOOKIT) will help companies adopt advanced protection practices in their data-related procedures and, thus increase client confidence and bringing more economic opportunities.