MODALITY 1.  Please read carefully these instructions before completing the Questionnaire


Thanks again for your participation in the pilot tests. Your participation is critical for the correct development of the platform, and it is very important for the project’s success to obtain extensive user feedback during the next few weeks.

The testing consists of completing  the Entry Questionnaire (EQ), which collects contextual information about your company. Once completed, the EQ automatically generates a Compliance Report (CR) that provides a series of recommendations to improve your company’s compliance with the GDPR.

The EQ consists of ten blocks of questions that tackle different aspects of your company’s GPDR compliance, and at different points also requests to upload a series of files that, although not mandatory, will greatly improve the relevance and utility of the CR. It is recommendable that if you are interested in analysing these files, you have them at hand before beginning the test, these include:

  • Databases of personal data from customers, employees and suppliers (xlsx, csv, …)
  • Informed consent forms (word or pdf native_>not scanned)
  • Cookie policy (word or pdf native->not scanned)
  •  Android Package File (apk) in case you want to analyse a mobile application
  • Your website (URL)
  •  Privacy policy (word o pdf native->not scanned)

Once you’re ready to begin, access the link at the beginning and follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the provided link and sign up into the platform, after this you will be asked to read and accept the Participation Agreement, note that you have to click on the link to be able to read the agreement and only scrolling down, the Accept button will appear.
  2. Complete the ten blocks of the EQ. Please keep notes of any problems or doubts that may arise during its completion.
  3. Once you click finnish on the 10th and final block, you will be prompted to the screen shown below and  the system will  begin compiling your CR, note that this process can take from a few minutes up to several hours. You will always be able to go back to the EQ to check your responses by clicking the highlighted link.The CR, once ready, will be automatically sent to the email chosen when login in.
  4. Although it is not mandatory, we would sincerely appreciate it if you provide us with any feedback you consider relevant  on your experience with the SMOOTH platform at

If at any point during this process you experience any problem or have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us at A million thanks for your participation!

The SMOOTH team.