Thanks again for your participation in the pilot tests. Your participation is critical for the correct development of the platform, and it is very important for the project’s success to obtain extensive user feedback during the next few weeks.

The testing consists of completing  the Entry Questionnaire (EQ), which collects contextual information about your company. Once completed, the EQ automatically generates a Compliance Report (CR) that provides a series of recommendations to improve your company’s compliance with the GDPR.

The EQ consists of ten blocks of questions that tackle different aspects of your company’s GPDR compliance, and at different points also requests to upload a series of files that, although not mandatory, will greatly improve the relevance and utility of the CR. It is recommendable that if you are interested in analysing these files, you have them at hand before beginning the test, these include:

  • Databases of personal data from customers, employees and suppliers (xlsx, csv, …)
  • Informed consent forms (word or pdf native_>not scanned)
  • Cookie policy (word or pdf native->not scanned)
  •  Android Package File (apk) in case you want to analyse a mobile application
  • Your website (URL)
  •  Privacy policy (word o pdf native->not scanned)

What we ask of you in this pilot is to provide feedback on your experience with the EQ and your understanding of the CR. For modality of participation 3, this entails completing the EQ, reading the CR and completing User Experience Evaluation Survey (UEES), during an online meeting with one of our project members, where you will be asked to share your screen. Note that the session will be recorded in order to be able to collect verbal feedback and analyse your experience with the platform.

Please contact us at in order to schedule a session to complete both questionnaires with a member of our team. In the meantime you can register in the platform through the provided link.  To do so, click on the provided link and sign up into the platform, after this you will be asked to read and accept the Participation Agreement, note that you have to click on the link to be able to read the agreement and only scrolling down, the Accept button will appear. After this, wait for the scheduled online meeting in order to move forward with the test.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us at A million thanks for your participation!

The SMOOTH team.