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SMOOTH, the project supporting small business being GDPR compliant and improving their data management, has opened registrations for its market pilot. This is the chance for small businesses across Europe to quickly test if their data storage and management is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Participants will not only receive a free assessment of their data processing but also tailored suggestions on what they can improve.
The new pilot builds upon the lessons learned from its predecessors, run by SMOOTH in 2019 and 2020. The process is optimised for the needs of enterprises which have to use their time in the most productive way, and you can get results in a few clicks.
Being compliant with GDPR is not only a legal requirement but it can also greatly benefit your business:
  • It will give your business the chance to cut costs of storing data, legacy applications and inventory software both in silos and inconsistent formats.
  • Your business will be released from data maintenance expenses, whose funding can be redirected to innovation resources and infrastructures management.
  • A GDPR’s aligned security will reinforce your brand’s reputation, by showing to your customers a reliable data governance system
The pilot will start in November 2020 but register today to benefit from these perks for only a few minutes of your time:



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