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SMOOTH has created an online GDPR Handbook to help small businesses navigate the complexities of the legislation. You can find it here: (Android App here; iOS App here)
It explains the key aspect of the regulations, defining its specific domain, where it applies, and to whom. It helps clarify the different facets and specificities, providing examples of different scenarios and the correct course of action.
It covers the basic and essential applications, defining the key roles of the different processes. These include business actors as well as public authorities,  liken privacy authorities, and data controllers. It also provides the general framework in which GDPR entwines with national privacy regulations.
The Handbook also has a dedicated session to compliance, specifically advising companies and, ideally, other entities to comply with GDPR. The largest part of the Handbook is structured around what is needed to set up a data-management process in line with the law. It covers many different possible types of data based on the business relationship, including clients, providers, and employees, or based o the way data has been collected, like camera recordings and marketing tools.
Furthermore, it provides users and visitors with links to the full array of SMOOTH tools to help micro-businesses ensure they are or become GDPR compliant. These include the SMOOTh quiz, template, glossary, and videos. Of course, another great way to ensure compliance is to participate in our Market Pilot:

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